Cynthia Bailey Says Bulge in Her Stomach is Not Pregnancy, it’s a Medical Condition

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The media can be cruel, scrutinizing the bodies of women to the point of extreme self-consciousness.  Cynthia Bailey from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was affected by this hyper analysis, and it got to the point that she had to explain herself. Pregnancy rumors were flying around because Bailey had a little bulge in her stomach that made people wonder if she was packing a little bundle of joy.

Not so fast, it’s more serious than that.

Bailey went public and told everyone that pregnancy was not the reason for her little bulge, that it was actually due to a medical condition.  She thanked everyone for their concern, but let them know that she wasn’t having a little Blue Ivy of her own.

“Thanks for all the congrats! However, I am not pregnant. I am dealing with a medical condition that makes me look pregnant. Stay Tuned….” tweeted Cynthia.

Of course Cynthia didn’t spill the beans on twitter, since that wouldn’t make her or the show any money.
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 So, the rest of the information is going to be released on the show, at least that’s what appears to be the plan.

Many are speculating that fibroids might be culprit.  Fibroids are a huge problem among African American women.   The causes of fibroids are not clear, but some are wondering if hair relaxers are the culprit. After all, if black women are the ones most likely to be affected, and fibroids can be caused by chemicals, then some might say that it’s the chemicals that black women use uniquely that could cause this particular health challenge.  But of course, that would point toward hair relaxers and other beauty products, which a lot women would never consider abandoning.

Good luck Cythia, and please get well soon.