Woman Arrested Because She Wouldn’t Stop Singing Whitney Houston Songs on an Airplane

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Terrorism alert, we think.  We don’t know if her singing was that bad, but a woman was arrested this week for singing Whitney Houston songs on an airplane.  The flight was scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to New York city, but it was diverted to Kansas City because she refused to be silenced.

During the American Airlines flight, the woman wouldn’t stop singing “I Will Always Love You.”  She started when the plane took off and refused to stop.  That’s when they made the decision to put her off.

Retired FBI agent Michael Tabman explained why the woman was removed from the plane.

“The other more generic crime is Interfering with the flight crew,” Tabman said. “We have to maintain control of the airlines. It’s very dangerous, very scary in a post 9-11 world and after Boston we’re all very nervous.”

American Airlines hasn’t issued a statement regarding why the woman was removed from the plane.   But Tabman says that it’s their right to do so.  The woman was not allowed to get back on the plane, so there is no word on how she got to New York from Kansas City.  Maybe that’s where she began her new singing career.

“It’s their plane and if you’re not behaving according to the rules they can ask you to leave…  even if it means diverting the flight and taking you off.”

The Airline did make this brief statement.

“A federal Air Marshall on the flight restrained, cuffed and detained the passenger. The captain declared an emergency and diverted to Kansas City. Police met the flight and took the woman into custody. The plane was refueled and continued to JFK – landing with less than an hour delay.”