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Spelman Student Was Homeless During High School, Yet Still Earned a Full Scholarship

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A Georgia girl is showing everyone around her that if you believe in yourself and work hard enough, then anything is possible.  Chelesa Fearce, a senior at Charles Drew High School, was homeless for most of her high school career.  She had to live in her  mother’s car at times, and is just now revealing this to the public.

“I just told myself to keep working, because the future will not be like this anymore,” Fearce said. “You’re worried about your home life and then worried at school. Worry about being a little hungry sometimes, go hungry sometimes. You just have to deal with is. You eat what you can, when you can.”

Chelsea was part of a family of five.  They would sometimes have a place to live, but this was not always the case.   Her mother did all she could to help the family, but it sometimes wasn’t enough.  She too often found herself a victim of the black joblessness crisis that is affecting millions of families nation-wide.

“Ended up back in another shelter because I got laid off from my job maybe about four or five times,” Fearce’s mother, Reenita Shephard said. “I just did what I had to do,” Fearce said.

Despite her obstacles, the little girl worked her behind off.  She  earned a 4.466 GPA and took college classes.  She did well enough to gain admission into Spelman on a full scholarship and will be going to college starting off as a junior.   She also pulled off an SAT score of 1900, making her a superstar at her high school.  Even beyond this, her sister is graduating as the salutatorian from George Washington Carver High School in Atlanta.

“I read to them a lot. Everything was a learning experience,”the girls’ mother said.
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Chelsea has one lesson from this that she would like to share with those who are down and out.

“Don’t give up. Do what you have to do right now so that you can have the future that you want,” Fearce said.