Rohan Marley Says He Will Help Lauryn Hill With The Kids While She Is Serving Time

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LboogieRohan Marley, the father to Lauryn Hill’s five children, has said that he is prepared to take over the care for his children while Hill serves three months in prison. Marley is the father of five of Hill’s children, age ranges 5 to 15. Hill has one son from another relationship in 2011. Marley and Hill dated for 13 years but never made it official. They called it quits in 2009.

Marley has seven children all together. His first two were with is college sweetheart, Geraldine Khawly. Marley is the sixth child of the late Bob Marley, born just two days after his brother, Robbie.

Marley told TMZ, “I will be there for my kids.”  He says that he has always been involved in his children’s lives but says that he will make sure he is there even more, to make sure that everything goes smoothly while their mother is away. Contrary to popular belief, Hill has always claimed that Marley never abandoned her and their children. According to TMZ Lauryn’s children will stay with family members with Marley frequenting as much as possible.

Hill learned of her fate last week, in front of a judge, in Newark. Hill pled guilty, last year, to not paying her taxes for the years 2005-2007, in the prime of her career. The singer reportedly owed over $1.8 million dollars to the IRS. Hill soon went into hiding, claiming that the welfare of her children and family were in jeopardy. After three months in jail, Hill will do 3 months of home incarceration. Just recently, Hill inked a deal with Sony records, which will hopefully revive her career as one of the greatest vocalist of all time. The 1990s singer/rapper is expected to report to serve her time no later than July 8.

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