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Prepared to be SMH-ed….Pregnant Woman Fights Two Girls on a Bus – Viral Video

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Pregnant women shouldn’t be engaged in too much physical activity, this is a fact.  But what we also know is that among the activities that doctors recommend for pregnant women, fighting isn’t one of them.

But since when did any of us assume that young ladies today know or care the first thing about being a  mature woman?   A new video circulating the web shows a 19-year old pregnant woman fighting with a 42-year old and her 15-year old daughter.  The scary scene shows the women stomping and kicking each other, including kicking the pregnant woman while she is on the ground.  Even worse, the pregnant woman continues to be the aggressor, putting the life of her child in danger.

The women have been identified as 19-year-old Teannia Miller, 42-year-old Regina Banks and Banks’15-year-old daughter.  The three women got into a fight on a METRO bus in Houston, Texas.    A man tries to break up the women, but they continue to fight.   The driver calls the police, who then arrive and drag the women off the scene.

Even though the brawling was intense, none of the women wanted to file charges.  But if police see the video, they may file the charges themselves.

Police say that if you see something, say something.  Call 911 to keep people safe, since no one should be hurt from this kind of immaturity, especially unborn babies.  The video is below: