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Mary J. Blige Bodyslammed with a $3 Million Dollar Tax Bill

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Taxes are the biggest curse of nearly all celebrities in America.  You fall a little bit behind, and before you know it, you’re in a seriously bad situation.  Lauryn Hill just agreed to go to prison for her tax problems and now another diva is in trouble.

Mary J. Blige just go a tax lien from the IRS worth $3.4 million dollars.  She has made millions through the years and sold a lot of albums, but this might be the kind of mess that even she is unable to overcome.   It is reported that  Blige owes the IRS $574,904 from 2009, $2.2 million from 2010 and $647,604 from 2011.

In addition to her financial problems with the IRS, Blige also defaulted on her loan from Signature Bank.   She owes another $901,760 to the state of New Jersey and was also sued by Bank of America for not repaying a half-million dollar loan.

Blige may able to sell enough records and go on tour enough to deal with the debt, but when you have this much financial trouble, the courts get heavily involved.   We hope that she only has to deal with the civil courts, but criminal prosecution is not out of the realm of possibility.  It’s hard to go on tour while you’re in prison and leaving for that long can hurt your career.

Good luck to Mary J. Blige.