Former Lesbian Shares Story About Falling In Love With A Man

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Chirlane McCrayBy Staff Blogger

Chirlane McCray, the wife of New York Candidate for Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has spoken with Essence magazine, about how it feels to fall in love with a man after being a lesbian.

McCray says her change from lesbianism to being heteros*xual was just as natural as the feelings she first had when she became a lesbian. She said that she was simply attracted to de Blasio and things went from there, when she was asked, by Essence, if it was strange to change to dating a man.
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McCray went on to say that she “came out” when she was 17 years old and had not really dated any men. Describing de Blasio, she says that she was attracted to him and he felt like the perfect person for her. She added that although they are very different in looks, they have so much in common.

Essence asked McCray if she was still attracted to women. McCray replied that she was married and that de Blasio was the only person in her life s*xually, but she continued that she wasn’t dead.

“I am more than just a label. Why are people so driven to labeling where we fall on the sexual spectrum? Labels put people in boxes, and those boxes are shaped like coffins,” McCray said.

She went on to say that it’s often difficult to find the right person and that when, and if, you finally do find that special person, you will do anything to make it happen.

“As my friend Vanessa says, ‘It’s not whom you love; it’s that you love,’” added McCray.

In 1991, De Blasio, an aide to then-mayor David Dinkins, was working for the New York Commissions On Human Rights when he first met McCray. According to MeCray, de Blasio said that for him it was love at first sight and for her part she thought that de Blasio was a very handsome man, as well as being funny and smart.

At their wedding ceremony in 1994, in Prospect Park, New York, the couple had two ministers who were gay, interracial and interdenominational, along with an Italian Folk band and African drummers. They have two children and, according to McCray, she has lived “with a campaign in my house,” for nearly 20 years.

McCray concluded the interview with Essence by saying that she knows that de Blasio loves her “fiercely and passionately,” and she knows that he will always stand up for her and support her.

McCray was the first Black gay woman who openly shared her s*xuality in 1979 with an essay entitled “I Am a Lesbian.”