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Daughter of Mary J. Blige’s Husband Says She’s Pregnant, Broke and Homeless

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The daughter of Kendu Isaacs, husband of Mary J. Blige, has serious issues with her parents.   According to Briana Latrise, Kendu’s daughter, she is both pregnant and homeless.   The girl is going public with her beef against her parents, who she says aren’t helping her out.

Even though you would expect a grown woman with a baby to be able to take care of herself, she believes that her parents should be taking care of her.


You have to ask yourself this:  If Briana is old enough to be out making babies, why is she not grown up enough to pay her own bills? Also, where’s the daddy?   Not to be cold, but maybe Briana should think twice before having kids with a man who is going to leave her out in the street.  Her father didn’t make the baby, so maybe taking care of the baby is not his responsibility.

Briana’s father has enough problems of his own to worry about.  His wife, Mary J., has been hit over the head with a series of IRS liens and bank defaults that are leaving the couple millions of dollars in debt.   They are also having problems with their charity, which has been accused of financial mismanagement and reneging on promises to deliver scholarships.  The financial problems are piling to the roof for the R&B diva and her family, and this is sad to hear at this stage in Mary’s legendary career.

By the way, Briana is having a boy.  We hope they make him take a class in financial literacy.  Somebody has to break the cycle.