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Councilman Admits she Was Drinking and Driving, but Claims It Wasn’t a DUI

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Councilman Cleta Winsow has been a long-time member of the Atlanta City Council.  She is also not a quitter.  Winslow says that, even after being charged with driving under the influence, she is not going to walk away from her job.  She told WSB-TV that she is planning on running for re-election and also plans to keep working for her community.

“Well, I want to say I am going to be running for re-election. I’m going to continue to work hard for the citizens,” Winslow said.
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Winslow’s decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated was a horrendous, embarrassing show of tremendous irresponsibility.  But she says that in spite of that terrible mistake, she plans to remain at her post for as long as she can.  She has been on the council since 1993 and was released from jail on Wednesday.

Police say that while driving drunk, Winslow was driving on the wrong side of the road and ran a red light.  For some reason, her attorney is trying to say that she wasn’t drunk.  But if police accounts are accurate that she was driving on the wrong side of the road and running a red light, it’s difficult to argue that she wasn’t impaired in some way.

“She admitted she was drinking and driving. That is not against the law in Georgia. It is only against the law if you are an impaired driver; we are asserting she was not an impaired driver,” said attorney Jackie Patterson.

Winslow says that the week has been difficult for her, but that she’s getting a lot of support from friends.   She has had a suspension of her driver’s license because she refused to take a sobriety test.   Her insistence that she not be tested likely undermines her attorney’s claim that she wasn’t impaired.  A person who is confident that they aren’t drunk should be willing to take a test to prove that they are innocent of the DUI charge.

“This has not been an easy week for me,” she said. “It’s been a difficult week, but many people have called me and extended their prayers out to me, and they are holding me on high and I’m very appreciative of that.”

Winslow is going to be in court on June 11.  She faces charges for  DUI,  driving on the wrong side of the road, failure to stop for a stop sign and a red light violation.  We’re just glad that some innocent person wasn’t killed.