British Actor Says Jackson Family Severed Ties After He Claimed That He Fathered Michael’s Children

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mark-lester n mjBritish actor, Mark Lester is still trying to prove that he fathered Michael Jackson’s children. The actor is prepared to do a DNA test to prove that Prince, Prince II, and Paris are actually his children.  He said to the British tabloid, The Mirror, “I wouldn’t have a DNA test without the children’s permission, but when the children come of age — and it’s not far away — and they decide they want me to do it, then I will.”

Lester, who appeared in the musical filmed version of  “Oliver” as a child, was a longtime friend of Jackson for over thirty years.

The star says that Paris shares a close resemblance to his own daughter, Olivia. Since Lester has publicly come out with this claim, he says that the Jackson family has cut off all communication with him.  According to the tabloid, Lester has been prevented from seeing the children since Michael Jackson died in 2009.

He said, “I just want to reconnect and be the godfather that Michael made me.” He added “I just feel it is really cruel that our relationship has just been cut off. It is not what Michael would have wanted.”  Lester told Britain’s News of the World ,in 2009, that he helped the singer out years before the birth of his children, when Jackson asked him for help, due to fertility issues.  He said, “It was a really strange request but while Michael was alive I never gave it another thought. I didn’t donate to get something out of it.”

The last time Lester came face to face with the children was at Michael Jackson’s funeral.


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