Beyonce Accused of Embarrassing a British Princess at Her Concert

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Of course Beyonce is going to be in the news every single day, now that she’s on tour.  The latest news from abroad is that Beyonce is being accused of embarrassing one of the members of the royal family during a concert in London.  Queen Bey was doing six concerts in London and was doing what she normally does, allowing audience members to sing along with her.  She was performing her famous line, “To the Left” in the song “Irreplaceable.”

Princess Eugenie was in the audience, so Beyonce thought she would put the microphone in her face to let her sing along.  Eugenie isn’t exactly the biggest member of the royal family, since she’s sixth in line to the throne in case something happens to the other five heirs ahead of her.  When Beyonce gave the poor woman the microphone, she froze up like a deer headlights and didn’t say a word.  Observers say either the woman was too shocked to do anything or she didn’t know the words.  Either way, they both looked silly.

Beyonce’s world tour is in full swing, set to make she and her family into billionaires.  Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are making it happen in big fashion, and she’s doing what she’s paid to do.  She has banned photographers from her tour, stating that she only wants approved pictures to be taken.  Of course this only made Internet bloggers even more anxious to get whatever  distasteful pictures they could find.

We don’t know if the princess is as embarrassed as some say she should be.  We might be making something out of nothing.