Aretha Franklin Says Kim Kardashian Shouldn’t Be Bringing a Baby on Tour

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Kim Kardashian lost a few mothering points when she said that she plans to take her baby on the road with her child’s father, Kanye West.  Aretha Franklin, who was stopped by TMZ, said that she didn’t think that was such a good idea.

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but I wouldn’t,” said Aretha.

Franklin has been cancelling tour dates recently due to unspecified health issues.  But she looked fine on the video.   She is now 71-years old and still sings like a bird.  Kim, of course, doesn’t have much talent for doing anything other than sleeping with famous black men, but that’s worked out for her pretty well so far.



  1. Ruby from NJ

    May 19, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Kanye West is a very talented artist, but he has made a huge mistake in his choice of women. I have been wondering whether he ever considered the idea that this woman might want to become pregnant in order to latch on to his fortune. Her untalented family is all about money. I cannot see her as wife material, and if you read the gossip pages as I have, you’ll remember that she has allegedly said she doesn’t like being pregnant. She has been dressing like a non-pregnant woman, even squeezing her belly to fit into an outfit. I was horrified to see the pictures and worry still about the health of the unborn child. Will Ms. Kardashian want the child if it is born with birth defects? Very recently, I have seen photos of her very swollen feet and ankles. Doctors have written that those are signs of toxemia, which can kill both mother and child. This woman has embarrassed Kanye at a fancy event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently. She was not one of the beautiful people invited. The only reason she was allowed in is that Kanye was performing.

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