Woman Gets Serious Infections from Black Market Injections Into Her Behind

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There are thousands of women in America willing to pay whatever they need to whomever in order to get a more attractive rear end.  The move is becoming more and more popular, but it has some very serious and dangerous health consequences.  Keke Onpoint decided to give $1,100 to a total stranger to get injections that would give her the kind of round figure that some are literally willing to die for.

But this turned out bad for her, since she got very sick shortly after the injections.   In fact, the Detroit mother went into septic shock from the contamination and could have easily died.   She was injected with a foreign substance that should never have been put into a human body and it almost cost her her life.

Keke is now out to warn other women about these procedures.   Even sadder is that rather than getting a larger backside, she is actually going to have to get part of her rear end removed in order to treat the infection.

A woman in Philadelphia known as “The Black Madam” was arrested for injecting women with foreign substances during what she called “pumping parties.”  One woman had to go to the hospital for severe lung damage.  Doctors found silicon particles in her lungs that made the woman sick.  The injections contained silicone from Thailand and Crazy Glue.

The madam (aka Padge Winslow) was charged with aggravated assault, practicing medicine without a license and theft by deception.