Widow of Slain NBA Player Nearly Squanders $1M In Less Than a Year

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Sherra Robinson-Wright is the widow of Lorenzen Wright -- a former NBA player who was murdered in 2010. His widow received a 1 million dollar check upon his death and squandered the money in less than a year.

Sherra Robinson-Wright

A quick way to make your loved one roll over in his/her grave is to spend their insurance money frivolously. The widow of the late Lorenzen Wright, an NBA athlete who was murdered in 2010, went on a shopping spree with her late husband’s money.
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Sherra Robinson-Wright received a $1,000,000 check that was meant to take care of Lorenzen’s six children; however, Sherra squandered the money on cars, trips, legal fees, etc. racking up approximately $973,000 in frivolous expenses.

Fortunately, someone brought the mismanagement of funds to the attention of Memphis courts, which prompted an investigation. Concluding the investigation, a judge took the remaining money away from Sherra and gave it to Lorenzen’s father. The additional money that the family received as death benefits from the NBA was also frozen. Lorenzen earned $55 million during his career. At the time of his death, he was paying $16,650 per month in child support and $10,000 in alimony, giving his ex-wife a total of $319,000 per year.

Lorenzen’s murder still remains a mystery. His family is currently suing Germantown, Collierville and Shelby County, accusing them of mishandling Lorenzen’s case. The NBA athlete had called 911 nine days before his body was found in southeast Memphis; however,  his call was routed to Germantown instead of Memphis because he was near the Germantown border. The Germantown 911 operator said on the call she heard gunshots, but later, Germantown administrators said operators thought it may have been fireworks. Marion, Lorenzen’s mother, believes if Shelby County had a centralized 911 system, her son’s body would have been found sooner, which would’ve  given police better leads. For years the county has talked about consolidating, but it never happened because the municipalities don’t want to give up control of their turf.

Since that date there has been some indication that they’re trying to say this may have been fireworks, firecrackers versus gunshots, but its clear their first impression is that it was indeed gunshots,” said Forrest Craig, one of Marion’s lawyers. “The call speaks for itself, it’s the highest priority and we’re of the opinion it was an absolute inadequate response.” Sherra was an initial suspect for the murder, as she and Lorenzen had divorced five months prior to his death. She was later cleared as a suspect, which enabled her to receive the money she squandered.

The case against Germantown, Collierville and Shelby County is expected to go to trial this fall.

Do you believe Sherra should be prosecuted for squandering the money?