Want To Sell Your Clothing Online?

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Spring is here, which means that—apart from warmer weather and, perhaps, a few extra rainy days—it’s time to clean out and organize your closet. Unless you’re blessed with a space that’s big enough to hold your warm-weather and cold-weather clothes, odds are you’re pretty familiar with the activity.
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That being said, you might also be familiar with the act of standing knee-deep in piles of skirts, shirts, sweaters, and sequined dresses, only to realize they’re doing nothing for you anymore but taking up valuable real estate.

Sure, you could shove everything back into your closet with the hopes of liking it better in a year or two (won’t happen), or deal with the judgmental clerks at your local thrift and consignment stores (annoying), but if you’re a real-deal shopper looking to make room in your closet for new threads, your best bet is to go the resale route and sell your unwanted clothing online. Forget eBay and Etsy (though those sites are great): there are loads of easy-to-use and streamlined online consignment and resale sites that optimize your chances of raking in the cash (and maybe getting some cool gear in return). Read on for our favorites, and find the one (or three) that’s right for you!

Check out the link for sites to sell your unused goods online.