Tracey Edmonds Launches New Inspirational Network On YouTube

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tracey415Tracey Edmonds has had twenty successful years in the film and television industry, with her biggest winner being Soul Food. Now Edmonds, is moving on to even bigger success with the launch of her new television network on YouTube called Alright TV. Edmonds sat down for an exclusive with Essence.com and dished on her upcoming projects and what it is like working with Awkward Black Girl’s , Issa Ray and beau, Deion Sanders.

When asked about her involvement with Issa Rae on the network Edmonds said, : “I love Issa Rae! We are doing a choir series with her to take a fun look at everything that happens in a church choir including relationships and choir competitions. Ever Sunday we also live stream church services from Bishop T.D. Jakes and many others. This network is more modern and progressive than traditional gospel networks. We may surprise people. We have a dating web series for singles. Ms. Right stars DeRay Davis and pokes fun at the prototypes men deal with when dating. Mr. Right features Kali Hawk, as a woman searching for love. Our message is whatever you are going through, you are not alone. If you haven’t met Mr. Right yet, that’s ok. Stay optimistic because one day you will.”

 When asked what it was l like to work with beau Deion Sanders Edmonds told Essence, “He’s been wonderful. He’s one of the most positive people I know. On the network, Deion hosts Sports Dad where he comes to the rescue of sports-obsessed dads who are pushing their kids too hard. He’s also doing an inspirational blog. I met Deion through business and had a chance to see the wonderful man he is.”

 Edmonds was inspired to create the motivational television network after receiving so many responses to her inspirational tweets online. She was amazed how her tweets were helping others and decided to take it to another level.  Edmonds also gave her opinion on the state of Hollywood and getting African American projects green lighted. When asked about the opportunities in Hollywood Edmonds said, “In all honesty, when I first started there were more opportunities for projects of color. There were at least seven distributors doing African-American films. Nowadays, it’s maybe two or three. That leaves fewer slots to get a film through and fewer opportunities to direct or produce. We are seeing the same with television.”

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