Nelly On Marriage: ‘…The Sh*t That You Thought Was Cute, Becomes Annoying’

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During an interview with VLAD TV, Nelly dished on relationships and marriage.


Although he’s no longer a prominent celebrity in the music industry, 38-year-old St. Louis, MO-native Nelly is still considered to be a heartthrob among women. Nelly was reported to have been in a relationship with R&B singer Ashanti for years, but the two never confirmed the relationship and seem to have parted ways this year. Just recently, Nelly was snapped in a photo with a video vixen he’s rumored to have dated years ago. She was featured in one of many of his popular music videos.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, the bachelor and father of four (two of his own, two of his deceased sister), discussed marriage and whether or not he believes he will be married. Like most men, Nelly reiterated the importance of not being pushed and/or rushed into marriage. He also references his failed parents’ marriage and his grandparents’ successful marriage that lasted for 60 years.

Nelly even gave viewers some insight as to why industry relationships seem to crumble. In comparison to regular relationships, Nelly says industry relationships are challenging because of extensive travel and time apart. Read excerpts from the interview below:

On whether or not he will marry:

Yea I think so.  But nobody is going to force me.  Nobody is going to rush me into anything.  Marriage is something you should do when you are ready to do it and you know this is everything.  I take marriage very seriously.  And I only know two ways of marriage.  My parents’ marriage didn’t last at all and my grandparents’ marriage lasted 60 years.  I’m either gonna go all the way to 60, or I’m not gonna do it.  

On caring about the public’s perception of his relationship:

I shy away from public perceptions about my relationships.  You can’t tell me what I should be doing in my relationship.  I’m not home everyday.  I haven’t seen her in two weeks. You see so many celebrities get married and then they’re divorced in a year.  You know why?  It’s because when they get finally get together….the -ish that you thought was cute, becomes annoying.  

View the interview below:



Do you agree with Nelly’s perspective on industry relationships and “regular” relationships?