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Mother, Boyfriend Kill 1-Yr Old Baby and Say He Was Kidnapped by Hispanics

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A mother in Chicago has been arrested, along with her boyfriend, for beating her son to death and then pretending that he was kidnapped.   Police are accusing Lakeshia Baker and her boyfriend, Michael Scott, of killing Bryeon Hunter and pretending that he was kidnapped by Hispanics.

The one-year old boy’s body has not yet been found.  But police are saying that the woman and her boyfriend gagged the boy and beat him with a belt and plastic hangers.   They then allegedly left the boy on the bathroom floor to die.

After seeing that they would be arrested for the child’s death, the couple allegedly put the baby’s body in a backpack and threw it in the river.  This is when the couple came up with the story that their baby was abducted by three Hispanic men in an alley.

Due to the couple’s hoax, police and citizens were searching across the city to try to find the boy   The woman even chose three men as “suspects” in the crime and appeared in the news as a grieving mother.
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Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez told CBS Chicago that police didn’t believe the woman and began a further investigation.  That is when the woman confessed that it was all made up.

She and her boyfriend are being held on $750,000 bail.