Mom Charged for Lifting 3-Yr Old Son Over Barrier Where He Was Mauled by Bobcats

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This story is sad and tragic.  A mother in New Mexico has been charged with child abuse after her 3-year old son was attacked by a bob cat at the zoo.   The mother lifted the boy over a safety rail, putting him within reach of the dangerous animal.

Courtney Hutchins was arrested and released on $5,000 bail.   The woman allegedly jumped the protective barrier with her young son, attempting to get the animal closer.  This led to the cat throwing his paw at the child and clawing him.   The boy didn’t die, but he needed eight staples on the side of his face after the incident took place.

Witnesses told police in Carlsbad, California that they saw the woman go over the rail.   There was a warning not to cross, but she ignored it.   But the woman says that she didn’t see the signs, which could lead to a potential lawsuit against the zoo.

The 22-year old mother says that she was sitting next to her son in the area, and looked away for a second.  At that point, she heard a noise and noticed that the cat had clawed her son and taken him out of her arms.  The cat had grabbed the boy by the head.

The incident occurred at the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico.