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How to Be a Fashionista on a Budget

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Kathryn Finney has made a name for herself simply by making fashionable choices on a budget. She is known in the blogosphere as The Budget Fashionista. She teaches those who love fashion but are financially-challenged about how to make fantastic clothes on a budget.

Finney graduated from Yale and started her blog in 2003. Her husband was a web-developer at Victoria’s Secret. In the beginning she would shop all day because she was bored. This was until her husband told her that her shopping habits were putting a big dent in their bank account. She had previously worked as a research scientist. When she would take trips to other countries, sometimes she wouldn’t bring any clothes, but instead bought fabrics in the other country and made her own.

She managed to get the position of editor-at-large for the blog BlogHer. She also was asked for ideas regularly on the Today show. She was also the first fashion blog writer to get a book deal from Random House which was titled How To Be a Budget Fashionista: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous for Less. She even began to create a television show.

The show never took off. Everything had been finished and Finney decided her heart just wasn’t in entertainment, she was all about technology and so she dropped the television show before it ever began filming. She is trying to get more black women into the tech world as she feels that Blacks are grossly underrated in the digital and technological world.

She held an event called the #FOCUS100 Pitch Bootcamp and Symposium which was an event to help black women get started in their new digital careers and become entrepreneurs.