Does Essence Atkins Have A Point:Did Tyler Perry Make Bad Decision With Kim Kardashian?

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Essence-Atkins-3Are We There Yet actress, Esssence Atkins, sat down with S2S Magazine and addressed the cameo appearances of personalities in film. The issue, which has always been a touchy subject for most actors, struck an all too familiar chord with the actress.

She used Tyler Perry as an example to prove her point, saying,  “I found it interesting that Tyler did that with Temptation, hiring Kim Kardashian because she has 16 million Twitter followers, which would seem like a brilliant marketing plan […] He has one of the biggest Twitter personalities out there in his movies, and he had one of the worst box office weekends […] It’s not a failure, but it did worse than his movies usually do just based on him […] I thought that was an interesting finding. Your experiment didn’t work. […] People want to see good stories. It’s not necessarily that they want to see Kim Kardashian in a movie. They want to see her in a bikini. They want to see her with Kanye [West]. They want to see her on her show talking about her life with her sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see her in a movie […] The fact that people want to see their lives and the volatility of that…. I don’t think that it translates at all.”

So did Kim Kardashian , who is featured in Temptation, lessen the quality of Tyler Perry movies, or have his movies ran their course? Essence is right in saying that Kardashian’s appeal is not via feature films. She has not reached the mark of having influence in that world and maybe she does need to stick to reality television for a while. But is there any harm in trying something new, to change your image?

The reality television circuit may have been Kardashian’s way into the film industry. ( Not going to mention the infamous and obvious other thing that caught our attention). But from an actress’ stand point, it is a slap in the face when you have so many good actresses, with names that could have taken on her role and possibly brought more cash flow to the opening B.O. numbers.

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