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Bow Down Beyonce: Rihanna Sets Record for the Most #1 Billboard Singles in History

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Rihanna might be edgy and a little strange, but she is very good at making money.  The singer just set a record for having the most #1 Billboard singles in history, cementing herself as a musical legend.  Her latest hit, “Stay” gave her the tenth chart topper, officially giving her more number ones than any other artist in the 20-year history of the Billboard charts.

Rihanna barely edged out Katy Perry, who’d held the record since 2008.   Believe it or not, Rihanna has only been in the public eye since 2006.   Her first major hit, “Umbrella” pushed her into the public eye.

Since that first big hit, Rihanna has released seven albums in seven years.   Rihanna’s spotty relationship with singer Chris Brown has gotten more talk then her music, making her the kind of iconic figure that people remember for more than a generation.  But in spite of the controversy, she is working hard in the studio, working to be a successful artist.

She is still rebellious and controversial, but has become the envy of her peers.  Even Beyonce might have to bow down to that.