Ashanti to Ex-Boyfriend Nelly: ‘Let’s Talk About The Kind of Girls You Like’

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Ex-lovers Ashanti and Nelly discuss the type of girls Nelly likes.


Most women aren’t able to sit in a room with their ex-boyfriend of many years after an alleged recent break-up; however, R&B singer Ashanti and her rumored ex-boyfriend Nelly shared a room and a camera for a “Fuse News” interview, in which Ashanti interviewed her rumored ex-beau.

Although they never publicly confirmed their relationship, Nelly and Ashanti are believed to have dated for years, but the two seem to have parted ways this year. Just recently, Nelly was snapped in a photo with a video vixen he’s rumored to have dated years ago. She was featured in one of many of his popular music videos. During the alleged ex-lovers’ interview about Nelly’s upcoming projects and the state of hip-hop, Ashanti switched gears and asked her rumored ex-boyfriend what type of girls he like. Nelly instantly grinned and replied, “Oh word? Let’s talk about that.” Ashanti laughed and continued to ask him about his dealbreakers. He replied: “Bad breath is a dealbreaker.” The two playfully acknowledged that Ashanti does not have bad breath. Nelly continued: “I don’t want someone who lacks the confidence in who they are. I think we would hit the wall.” Nelly then glanced at Ashanti’s thighs and said: “And a nice set of thighs always helps!”

This isn’t the first time Nelly discussed love and relationships on camera. In a recent interview with VLAD TV, the rapper discussed dating in the public and whether or not he plans to marry. The rapper acknowledged that he’s open to marriage, but on his own terms.


Catch the interesting part at the 3:40 mark: