Asa Lovechild:What Women Can Learn From Roscoe Orman’s Ex And Having A Plan B

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roscoeor41Roscoe Orman’s estranged ex-partner Sharon had put the famous Sesame Street dad on blast about allegedly abandoning her after 40 years together, to marry a another woman. Sharon is claiming that because of Orman not paying the rent, she has been evicted from the townhouse that they shared together and is sleeping on one of their four children’s couches.

The kicker of the story that was posted in Page Six of The New York Post is when Sharon says, “I want people to know he’s been living a double life.” “I gave up my career to raise the kids and never cheated on him. I am the one who made him a ‘Sesame Street’ dad. This is what I get after 40 years? You can leave me now?”

Sharon’s lawyer Charles P. Cohen told the New York Post,“For more than 39 years, Sharon served as a homemaker and mother, dedicating her life to Roscoe and their four children. She has no savings or financial security, and has now been left homeless and financially destitute as Mr. Orman has left her for a younger woman, without providing any means of support.”

While I am not discrediting the fact that Sharon gave up her dreams and put all of her faith in her man and raised their children, it is safe to say that by doing so she put herself out there to be mistreated and unprepared. One thing that my mother always taught me is that although you may love your man, always have a nest egg put away for yourself. The question that young women need to ask themselves, before adding a man to the equation is, “can I survive without a man in my life?” If the answer is no, you may want to rethink your priorities.

If we are looking at it from a traditional standpoint, a man is supposed to be the provider of the household. He is supposed to be there to cover his flock. But what happens if technically he is not legally bound to you? What precautions should a woman be taking?  Because your man left you after so many years is not an excuse to not be able to take care of yourself. Looking out for number one and then factoring in a relationship to compliment the empire that you have already built is always the best way to go.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of  One Billion Rising

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