Asa Lovechild:Janelle Monàe Gives Women An Alternative To Being Scantily Clad To Sell Albums

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jm43Janelle Monàe has had successful beginnings within the music industry thus far. With mega success with her album, The ArchAndroid, a Grammy Award for her appearance on  Fun’s “We Are Young”, and ads for Cover Girl, Monàe has made her mark. The singer sat down for an interview with Essence magazine and addresses her role as an artist and role model.

She told Essence, “People don’t ask Jay-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes.” Monàe, who does not deem it necessary to prance around in barely there clothing to be a successful female in the industry, says that her look is intentional. Monàe says that she is adamant about redefining the definition of s**y. She goes on to say, “showing my skin is not what makes me s**y. I like skirts and dresses like everyone else, but I had a message I needed to put out there. It was up to me to show people and young girls there was another way.” Being s**y conservative has worked in the singer’s favor, as top fashion designers like Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren have all customized suits to compliment the super talent’s style.

Monàe believes that it is important to stay true to self and not compromise. The Kansas City native is no foreigner to struggle. On her move to New York City, to study at AMDA(American Musicland Dramatic Academy), she paid her dues like every other real talent in the industry.  Many artists with staying power are usually not discovered until much later in their careers. She said, “It was a huge culture shock for me.” “I went through times when I felt like I didn’t fit in.”  As a result, the singer opted for Atlanta and found success when she sang at an open mic at P Diddy’s Justin’s restaurant and the rest is history.

Monàe is currently working on her second release, “Electric Lady” which is set for a summer release.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of  One Billion Rising

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