Woman Set On Fire By Her Baby’s Father

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Clinton Cohen

By Staff Blogger

Maria Redman suffered a horrible trauma when the father of her three-month-old daughter covered her in perfume and set her on fire in front of their child. The incident took place at the home of 22-year-old Redman and 27-year-old Clinton Cohen on Thursday morning. Since the assault, Cohen has been arrested. The fight began with an argument, resulting in Cohen choking and hitting his girlfriend. As if that wasn’t crossing a line, Cohen then poured a bottle of perfume on the mother of his child and lit her on fire.

Redman stopped, dropped and rolled as we have been taught to do since childhood. Before he fled the scene, Cohen threw a blanket on his burning girlfriend. Cohen has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault and is currently in prison. Redman was rushed to the hospital and, after being in critical condition, she is now stable. She suffers from burns over 30 percent of her body.

Lieutenant Jeff Korczyk of the Springdale police department confirms that Cohen has a history of domestic assaults, but he did not release whether or not the assaults involved Redman. Redman’s recovery will most likely take a long time, but fortunately she is alive and can raise her children. Redman has two children, only one of them was present during the altercation.

Recently, Redman took to Facebook to update her supporters. She says, ‘Thank you all for the prayers and wishes!! I’m in real bad pain but ill get thru it!!!! i have the best of parents and family and amazing friends!!!’