Teenager Testifies Bloods Gang Member Forced Her To Sell Her Body & Do Drugs

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bloods gangBy Staff Blogger

Robert Pannell is on trial for r@pe, kidnapping, and third-degree promoting of pr0stituti0n. During his trial, a harrowing tale from one of his victims emerged in the courtroom. The now 19 year old female was only 17 when her ordeal happened.

The woman described in great detail about how Parnell held a gun to her head and stated that she was his property. She had thought he was a friend of hers. He told her that she was going to make money for him and that she was going to call him “Daddy.”

Parnell sold the young woman for s*x, in cars and shabby rooms. He would take all of the money that she earned and would also load her up with drugs.
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The young woman said that she was scared of him and scared of what he would do to her should she disobey him. This lasted for two weeks.

The Brooklyn district attorney developed a special unit to investigate crimes such as this. They have had 53 indictments in the last three years. Twenty-four of these ended up with guilty pleas and four dismissals. There are still 25 cases pending. Pannell’s case resumes on Monday, the young girl still on the stand. Should he be convicted he will face life in prison.

The girl was a runaway at the age of 16 because her mother was addicted to crack. That is when she met Pannell. She admitted to a previous s*xual relationship with the defendant, but prosecutors don’t believe that will sway the jury at all with the conviction of these crimes. Pannell is 36 and has a long rap sheet that is full of drug convictions and assaults. He is also a member of the Bloods gang.

She had called her mother during the ordeal and told her that she was in a situation where she was unable to come home. A police officer had come knocking on Pannell’s door the next day to find her hiding behind a shower curtain as Pannell had instructed.