Should Celebs Take Credit for Popularizing Natural Hair? Salon Owner/Celebrity Stylist Weighs In

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Veronica Fletcher is the owner and founder of New York's famed Sirca Designs, Inc., a full service natural hair care salon in NYC.

Veronica Fletcher

by Maria Lloyd

You may not recognize Veronica Fletcher’s face, but you may definitely recognize her talent. Fletcher is the mastermind behind the beautiful, styled locs that R&B singer Lauryn Hill donned at her prime.

Although Fletcher’s clients are some of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrities (e.g. Jada Pinkett-Smith, DL Hughley, Angela Bassett, etc.), she also styles the everyday woman and man at her salon in NYC. Sirca Designs, Inc., a full service natural hair care salon located at 251 West 30th St, New York, NY. I had the pleasure of speaking with Fletcher last week about being a business woman and the power of celebrities’ influence on the “natural hair movement” that has acquired momentum over the past decade. Check out the interview below:

Maria: Do you believe women who refuse to go natural have low self-esteem? Explain.
Veronica Fletcher: I do not believe that women without natural hair have low self esteem. As a children most of us grow up with natural hair/braids at some point but as we get older we need change. Some decide to go for a European look opting for weaves and relaxers. I believe that with natural hair there is an elegance, grace, total acceptance of self that conveys confidence. Returning back to natural hair requires a higher sense of self-awareness and maturity. She has now seek reassurance deep within herself that affect her entire lifestyle.
Maria: If more African-American celebrities sported a natural look, do you believe more women would be inclined to go natural? Why or why not?
Veronica Fletcher:When Lauryn Hill graced the covers of many magazines with the natural styles I created, the demand for my services increased. The decision she made to be natural empowered and encouraged other women to consider wearing their hair naturally. So yes if more celebs embrace their natural textures their fans will follow. When Halle Berry cut her hair, women walked in for the Halle cut. So many of us are actually natural because of Lauryn Hill and the styles I created for her. She helped us to see ourselves again and took natural hair from being conscious and political to being stylish and fashion-forward. 

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty.