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Rush Limbaugh says Beyonce’s New Song Encourages Women to “Bow Down” to their Men

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In case you haven’t heard Beyonce’s new song, “Bow down B*tches,” you probably aren’t missing much.  The song is full of profanity and isn’t quite the sort of classy joint that you would expect from a respected artist like Beyonce.  The song is intended as a slight toward the jealous women who wish they were in Beyonce’s shoes, and is a tribute to her long standing reign as the queen of the entertainment industry.

Rush Limbaugh seems to have gotten the interpretation wrong.  Rather than seeing the song in the way it was intended, Limbaugh says that he believes the song was a message from Beyonce stating that women should bow down to their husbands and boyfriends.  Limbaugh says that the song is telling women to “put up with it” when their men put them through difficult relationship experiences.

“She married the rich guy,” Limbaugh said. “She now understands it’s worth it to bow down to men.”

“She’s going to call herself Mrs. Carter on the Bow Down B——s tour,” Limbaugh added.

For the record, Beyonce considers herself to be a feminist.  So, she probably wouldn’t agree with Limbaugh’s interpretation of the controversial song.

“I love being a woman and I love being a friend to other women,” she said. “I think we learn a lot from our female friends — female friendship is very, very important.”

Limbaugh isn’t the only one who has a problem with Beyonce’s words.  Singer Keyshia Cole attacked the song on Twitter, stating that the song is a contradiction to Beyonce’s message of women empowering each other.

“First ‘Women need to Stick together’ now b—–s better Bow. Smh. (Shaking my head),” she said.