Rihanna Returns to Tour After Illness, Calls Critics “D*ckless”

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Rihanna returns to touring and snaps on Instagram critics.


Question: How can you tell when Rihanna is at 100% health? Answer: When she takes to her social media platform and slams critics. After canceling three performances for her Diamonds World Tour due to flu and laryngitis, Rihanna hit the stage in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

But, what’s a Rihanna return without some digital bashing?! Apparently some remarks from her Instagram followers didn’t sit well with the pop star, so she unleashed her fury — that we’re all too familiar with — and gave them a piece of her mind. Here’s what she said: “@baneetbadesha @fawkyu y’all type so tuff! Lemme guess, y’all broke, díckless, and got private profiles??!! Bring your lil ásses down to the clearport if u done typing.” One of the critics retorted by referring to Rihanna as “basic,” at which point she replied: “@fawyu oh u ARE basic!! By all means please surprise me…. I’ll wait! You’re a statistic!!!” After a few more back-and-forth remarks, Rihanna decided to shut down the quarrel, commenting: “Ew!!! Back to my $$.”

Rihanna has a track record of getting into altercations with critics and music industry colleagues alike.  She once had a back and forth on Twitter with singer Ciara, and referred to an Instagram critic as a “weak b*tch” for comparing her marijuana consumption to Whitney Houston’s cocaine addiction. Although she is not involved this time, Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde recently engaged in a back and forth with Ciara on Twitter, after teasing the singer for singing her latest single “Body Party” a cappella in a bathroom.

If you were a celebrity, would you respond to critics?
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