Remember Kyle Barker from Living Single? Here’s an Update on His Life

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by Malcolm Morrow

“Living Single” was one of the most popular Black sitcoms of the 90’s. It provided a look at group of 20something professionals living in a New York City apartment building before “Friends” was even on the air. Kyle Barker was one of those characters, a debonair stock broker that dressed suave, spoke with an added air of class and was part of the reason the show had such a devout female fan base.
Kyle was played by T.C. Carson, who recently sat down with website MadameNoire.com to give them an update on what he’s been doing since the show ended. Carson says that he’s been doing a lot of video game work and that he’s most known for providing the voice of Kratos, who is the star of Sony’s multi-million dollar selling “God of War” franchise.
Carson also says that he’s been doing a lot of singing as well. He says that he did a successful concert in Memphis and they brought him back to do a Christmas concert with a group of high school children that he will be coaching and working with leading up to the performance. When asked what he preferred more he replied, “There’s really no question for me, I would sing before acting. In acting a lot of people have control over what your performance looks like. You only have control over what you give them; they have control over everything else.
He looks back fondly on his days doing “Living Single” and refers to the cast as his “brothers and sisters” and states that he “misses coming to work with friends everyday”. Also, he and the cast have managed to stay in contact with each other over the years. He said he never dated anyone on the show, no matter how convincing the chemistry was between him and co-star Erika Alexander, who played Maxine, was. “I’ve never dated on the show and I never wanted to date anyone on the show. Me and Erika are born on the same day, that’s my twin sister. I wouldn’t date my sister.” Carson seems to be doing quite well and I wish him continued success.