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Pimp Forces 13-Year Old Runaway to Tattoo His Name on Her Eyelids

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Some of the kids today don’t have many options in life.  When they end up in the hands of a predator who seeks to take advantage of them, the situation can be even worse.

A 13-year old girl in Miami found that leaving her pimp might be harder than she’d originally expected.   Her pimp’s nickname, Suave, was the name that she would have on her eyelids.  He apparently did the dirty work on the young girl after she tried to leave.  His objective was to leave her with his mark.

Suave, aka Roman Thomas III, is now under arrest and getting what he deserves.  The 26-year old man and a female co-defendant, are accused of “compelling and coercing” young women to become prostitutes, using drugs as a way to keep them under their power.

The teen, who goes by the nickname Sparkle, is a runaway.  She met Thomas at a Flea Market in Miami, where he gave her a place to live.   That’s where he took nude pictures of the girl and loaded them to an adult website.

The pimp and his accomplice forced the girl to become a prostitute, using alcohol, marijuana and “Molly,” a form of MDMA, to keep her dependent on them.  They charged up to $100 per hour for her services.

“It’s outrageous that this girl would be branded for life at such an early age, on of all places her eyelids,” investigator Lt. Jose Alfonso told the Miami Herald.

Thomas was on probation when he was arrested, having spent four years in prison for sleeping with a minor.   He’d removed his ankle bracelet two days before he met Sparkle.  Maybe now, he needs more than a bracelet.