Michael Jordan to Wedding Guests: “Don’t Talk to The Media”

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Michael Jordan has informed his wedding guests that they are not to disclose details about their wedding to the public.


Reported by Malcolm Morrow

Michael Jordan recently announced that the nuptials between him and longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto would soon be taking place. Media outlets are reporting that Michael Jordan’s wedding invitation included a request for RSVP – and for silence. Invitees to Jordan and Prieto’s ceremony, which will be a black tie affair in Palm Beach, Florida, have been instructed not to speak to any media outlets or talk to members of their family that might divulge the details.

There were also stipulations regarding cameras and cellphones, stating that guests would have to leave them behind unless the photos would only be for personal use such as memories of the event. It’s sad that celebrities have to go to these lengths in order to insure that their right to privacy is respected. This isn’t the first time celebrities have taken great precaution when preparing to say I do.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana managed to keep their wedding a secret all the way up until after it happened, no easy feat in modern times I assure you. This was achieved by getting the entire guest list to agree to silence. I applaud celebrities for doing whatever is necessary to keep their special day private; paparazzi have become far too invasive. It’s sickening that people are so engorged with celebrities and their lives that they would do anything just to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

If you were a celebrity, would you make your attendees agree to silence?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss