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Judge Admits He Slept with Woman While Presiding Over Her Case, Called Women in Courtroom “Skank Hoes”

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Detroit is a city that has quite a bit going on right now.  The national media attention is typically unfavorable and the city appears to be struggling economically.  One thing that doesn’t help are corrupt judges who sleep with women while making decisions in their cases.

Michigan Judge Wade McCree, a married man, is being accused of having an affair with Geniene La’Shay Mott as she brought her ex-boyfriend to court for refusing to pay his child support.   The woman is now saying that the judge got her pregnant and even exchanged text messages with him discussing the way that they would punish her ex-boyfriend for his behavior.

The boyfriend, Robert King, was sent to jail during the case, which has set off alarm bells for those observing the situation.   McCree is the same judge who got attention for sending pictures of himself without a shirt on to a female bailiff.

The judge was suspended last December, and is now in talks with a Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC) to deal with complaints filed against him.  Judge McCree admitted that he had a sexual relationship with the Ms. Mott, and even slept with her in his chambers.   But for some reason, the deceptive judge expects the panel to believe that the sex did not  “influence his judicial conduct or judgment.”

“OK, The math will be based on his failures since being placed on probation, but if U’r right. The threat of jail will loosen his purse strings!” the judge stated in one of his text messages.

The judge allegedly promised the woman that he would divorce his wife and marry her, but he never delivered.  In one text message, the judge appears to be insulting those over which he presides:

 ”C’mon, U’r talking about the ‘docket from hell,’ filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes … and then you walk in.”
Mott says she had no reason not to believe that the judge was planning to leave his wife.

“I believed him with everything,” she said. “His actions showed me that he was leaving. He filed for divorce. I mean, there was nothing to say that we weren’t moving forward.”