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Home Healthcare Worker Arrested for Putting Feces In Her Employer’s refrigerator and Oven

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A home healthcare worker in Connecticut apparently got upset when she was fired from her job, and decided to leave her employer a gift they would never forget. The woman allegedly left the gift of feces in her employer’s refrigerator and oven as parting presents on her last day of work.  That’s when 40-year old Fiona Clarke turned herself in and was arrested on the charge of third-degree criminal mischief and breach of peace.

The woman’s job consisted of caring for an elderly woman in Norwalk.   She chose not to work more hours when the family asked her to do so, which is what led to the dispute.  Eventually, another aide was hired to cover the hours that Clarke was not able to work.   The family says that the woman was very rude to the new worker, which led to her being fired.

After the woman was fired, the family says that the house began to smell terribly.  It is then that they opened the oven and found feces wrapped in a paper towel.   They allegedly found more in the refrigerator.

Clarke says she didn’t do it, but according to theHour said, “police gathered enough probable cause to get a warrant signed for her arrest.”

Clarke was freed on $5,000 bond and her court date is set for March 7.