Halle Berry’s Daughter Not Wowed By Mom’s Stardom Except When It Comes To Elmo

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hb321Halle Berry has won many awards for her feature films and appearances but that does not hold a candle to her appearance on Sesame Street. Daughter, Nahla, is so proud of her mom for meeting Elmo that, according to the Berry, she shows it to all of her friends. Berry appeared on an episode of Sesame Street back in 2012 . Berry revealed to Jimmy Kimmel ,on Wednesday night’s show, that Nahla believes that her mother is a permanent fixture on the show. As to not shatter the illusion of Elmo being real, Berry opted not to bring her daughter along for the Sesame Street taping. Berry told Kimmel that her daughter “thinks Elmo lives”.  The actress also talked about her plans for Nahla’s fifth birthday. Berry said that the family plans to throw a “little pony bowling party” for the tot.

Berry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her latest film, The Call, in which she plays a 911 operator. Over the weekend the Sony Pictures film grossed $17.1 million opening weekend.  According to Entertainment Weekly, “Sony/TriStar, which acquired the $15 million R-rated film from Troika Pictures, effectively marketed The Call to women, and according to the studio, the opening-weekend audience was 61 percent female and 47 percent below the age of 30 — and it also played very well with African-American moviegoers. The Call earned a ‘B+’ CinemaScore grade.”

Of her part, Halle says that she shadowed a real 911 operator. She also listened back to her very own call into 911 from a few years back. Of that time, the actress says that she was a bowl of nerves as someone tried to break into her home. She told Kimmel, ‘The operator said, “Be quiet, you’ve got to stop talking, “and the last thing I could do was stop talking. And I kept talking, and she said, “Ma’am stop talking.”‘ The Call opened in theaters, nationwide on March 15th.

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