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Dr. Julianne Malveaux Sets WVON Host Straight about Giving Her Academic Props

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Dr. Julianne Malveaux appeared on WVON this week for an interview and left frustrated with the host for treating the men differently from the way she was treated as a woman.  Dr. Malveaux took her frustration to her Facebook page, but didn’t mention the show’s host by name in order to avoid embarrassing him.  But while she protected the identity of the host, she clearly stated that she never plans to go onto the show again and openly wondered why the host introduced the men on the show as “Dr,” but referred to her as “Ms.”  Here is what she had to say:

I am trying not to let fools raise my blood pressure, but here we go again. On a radio interview from a station I like in Chicago — WVON. The host, who introduces himself as “Dr.” and the men as “Dr” introduces me as “Ms” and I have to correct him. His excuses are poor, and frankly condescending. He is an elder, he says. But he is not so old that he forgets to properly introduce himself or the men.

If it is a casual setting and/or we are all on a first name basis, the “Ms.” or first name is correct. If the guys are being introduced properly, why not me? Then I come off as prickly because I insist on my props. Note to self — don’t do this show in future.

For the record, Dr. Malveaux isn’t one of the many “artificial PhDs” who earned their PhDs in short, simple programs lacking academic rigor.  She earned a PhD in Economics from MIT and also served as President of Bennett College for Women.  These are just two of her many achievements, so perhaps the host should do his homework.