Curvy Mannequins Finally…

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910a937e-ef4d-417a-ab58-d2e935c69776_swedish-manaAn H&M clothing store in Sweden is being hailed by women around the world for using two surprisingly curvy mannequins in their store. An overwhelmingly positive response has happened since being photographed and posted online.

Dressed in skimpy lingerie, the mannequins displayed softer stomachs, fuller thighs and generally more realistic proportions than the traditional department store models. For comparison, most mannequins in the U.S. are between a svelte size 4 or 6—a departure from the average American woman who is a size 14.

I say Bravo H&M! It really is past time to display what the average women really looks like. assets-2013_910a937e_ef4d_417a_ab58_d2e935c69776_swedish_mana_420229433