Asa Lovechild:Vanessa Williams In Allure’s Anti-Aging Issue But Is Black Skin Really Ageless?

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allure326In the April issue of Allure Magazine, actress and former Ms. USA, Vanessa Williams, sat down to discuss aging. In their anti-aging survey Allure found that black women felt that they age the best. Williams who just turned 50 told Allure, “I think I have grown more settled with age.”  She adds, “I think I have looked my best, probably mid to late 30s.”  Joining her were her daughters, Jillian and Melanie Hervey. Of her mom’s timeless look Hervey told Allure, “I try to do what she [Vanessa Williams] does and she looks fabulous.”

Williams did admit, as other celebrity moms did, that she has done botox. But of the procedure she said, “I’ve definitely used botox before and I think it’s something that if done the right way can be completely natural looking. Obviously as an actress I need to have expression so I go to somebody who is fantastic at it.” Of course most people believe that “ black don’t crack”, but it is just as important for black women to take care of their skin as well and yes, black women do wrinkle.

Black women may not wrinkle as fast as some in other cultures but time catches everyone. African American women cannot rely on black women aging gracefully to sustain their beauty. The old antidotes still ring true for any woman of color.  You have to maintain a healthy diet, exercise at all ages, and protect your skin from the sun.

According to a 2006 BBC News report, having dark skin does give you better protection from the sun. This protection can be accredited to the melanocytes that are larger in the skin of darker hued people. But this does not mean that the sun will not wreak havoc on your skin. So while it may be true that “black don’t crack”, no one is exempt from the process of aging.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of  One Billion Rising

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