Angela Simmons Gives Advice To Young Women, Launches New Fashion Line

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asimsYou may remember Angela Simmons from her stint on her father’s reality show, Run’s House. But Angela Simmons is all grown up and has come out of the shadows of her famous father, Rev. Run , and has paved her own road to success. In a recent interview with Global Grind, Simmons discussed the launch of her brand new fashion line and how she has been able to maintain and keep a positive attitude in the fast paced world of fashion.

Simmons described her new fashion line, Angela by Angela Simmons, as “stuff you can wear for a long time.” She added, “I think it is important to create fashion that is really fashionable, yet still affordable. I feel like this industry is such a fast moving place in the fashion world and it is important to stay up with the trends and be able to still afford it, to wear it, but let it still be fashionable at the same time.”

 When asked how she keeps it all together and stays focused on her goals, Simmons outlined her regime for staying the course by saying, “staying positive really has to do with you and how you react to things. You create negativity by responding to negativity. You’re always going to hear opinions and people saying what they want about you, but it is their opinion. It’s about just blocking it out and staying in your happy world.”

 She added, “There are so many people who have so many things to say about me whether it is negative or positive, and I choose to focus on the positive and live with that. If you focus on the negative it will just drive you crazy.  It will have you questioning yourself and you don’t want to do that. Staying positive just has to do with staying around people who inspire you and being around things that make you happy.”

 As Simmons’s fashion empire has evolved, so have the women that started out supporting her during her first fashion venture, Pastry Shoes. Simmons recently posted a promotional video for her new line via her website and had this to say:

“I’m so excited to share the first video for my Angela by Angela Simmons collection. I’ve always wanted to create a fashion line and it’s finally happening. Check out a sneak peek of my collection.”

Much success to the next generation of Simmons royalty.

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