1985 Magazine Predicted What Michael Jackson Would Look Like in the Year 2000

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A magazine made a prediction over 25 years ago that would seem ridiculous today.  According to Ebony Magazine, Michael Jackson was expected to age gracefully, merely becoming a more distinguished, mature and masculine version of what he was at that time.  In 1985, Michael was at the peak of his fame, having just released the album “Thriller,” which was breaking sales records around the world.

After releasing the highest selling album of all time, Michael was on his way to other successful projects, including  Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), and HIStory (1995), all of which did quite well.  He eventually earned the nickname “King of Pop” and was revered around the world for his greatness.

But then old age set in and Michael became a man that none of us expected to see.  He eventually succumbed to a drug overdose, putting an end to one of the greatest music careers in history.

Here is what he REALLY looked like in the year 2000.