Wow: Fantasia Lashes Out at Jet Magazine on Instagram

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fantasia jetBy Staff Blogger

Fantasia Barrino is one of the American Idol winners that have gone on to great success, including making a solo album, doing a Broadway show, and starring in a movie centered on her life story. Now she is making a name for herself on social media by lashing out at Jet magazine for a photo they used for the cover of an issue she was featured in.

Barrino claims that the photo is ten years old, and then took to Instagram with the following rant:

“This saddens Me!!! It is clear that this picture is 10 Years Old and JET Magazine puts it on the Cover!! After I send them the NEW LOOK AND DIRECTION. . SAD!!! I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM JET. Now im not sure if the interview is correct. SEE!! America they and use me as they crash Dummy BUT NO MORE. IF I DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING ILL FALL FOR ANYTHING.”

To some, it seems silly that the Idol winner would be upset about the picture as it is a beautiful photo, ten years old or not. Unfortunately for her, people could see the lashing out as immature, especially when it was broadcast for the whole world to see, and not just a letter sent directly to the magazine.

While social media is a great way for celebrities to communicate with their fans about what is going on in their careers and sometimes personal lives, it can also be career suicide. If they are seen publicly lashing out and throwing tantrums like this, they could lose some of the fans that once respected them. Speaking out against other companies or celebs on Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram is an issue for many celebrities and has had various negative outcomes.