Wendy Williams Extends Invitation To Mary J. Blige To Clear Air About Alleged Financial Problems

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maryj219Gossip Queen and talk show host, Wendy Williams, has given Mary J. Blige the chance to come on her show to set the record straight before tabloids get even messier.  This morning Williams said that she just hates that she has to report on the financial allegations surrounding Blige. But she is the “Gossip Queen”.

Can it get any worse for our favorite diva? Yes. Yes it can. Mary J. Blige was slapped with yet another financial setback. New York Daily News is reporting that Blige has received a notice on the front door of her Upper East Side apartment.

An inside real estate source tells The Daily News, “It was for not paying back rent.”  The source is saying that a three-bedroom apartment, at the Extell Developement, equivalent to the one Blige has, goes for $9,000 to $12,000 monthly.

Noone knows if Blige has taken care of this matter.  The Daily News says that Blige’s finances could be drained due to copyright infringement lawsuits, that could be costing her $1 million yearly.  Blige’s other alleged financial woes include a defaulted loan with Signature Bank, a tax lien filed in New Jersey of $901,769, and a personal loan of $2.2 million.

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