Wendy Show: Alicia Keys Talks Marriage & Baby, Avoids Question About Cheating

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alicia on wendyBy Staff Blogger

Alicia Keys was a guest on the Wendy Show recently. She dished about her husband Swizz Beatz and her baby Egypt. Alicia says that she does want more children someday. The singing sensation shared that baby boy Egypt loves the piano already. She also told Wendy that her favorite gift from Swizz was a tattoo of her face he got on his arm.

Alicia avoided the question about how and when she met her husband, but she did state that they first met when she was 16 and he was 17 years old. According to the songstress, they have been married for two years and became good friends because they were in the same industry, but he was too flashy for her and never thought they would enter a romance. She said what got her is that he is really intelligent and was a true artist. She loves that he loves life and that he loves to show her how beautiful life is.

Talking about her son Egypt, she said that he loves to walk and run around the house and is a huge basketball fan. He loves to play the piano with his mom as well. Alicia said that she loves taking him out on simple errands such as to Home Depot and the grocery store. The Keys-Beatz family even pops on over to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house for a little downtime to let the kids play. She even joked that Egypt got in trouble for giving Blue Ivy a kiss once.

Alicia Keys has won 14 Grammys through her musical career. Her current album “Girl on Fire” has produced a number one hit already. She is currently putting more songs out from the album; one upcoming single is called “New Day”. She is going on tour as well, starting March 7th.