Trend Alert- Ear Lobe Cuff

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diane_alicia_ear_cuffs-1024x780Just when you think your jewelry cabinet has all the necessary ingredients to make you happy. You realize BAAAAAM, not, there is yet another trend on the horizon! What’s trending now… the ear cuff! I have noticed the trend increasing more and more. Initially it was the younger, trendy set but like most trends the ear cuff is expanding rapidly. The good thing is you only have to shop for one, whether it is a high street or designer. My favorite is by Gaia Repossi. But my insanity has not yet hit rock bottom to wear $15,000 on my ear lobe jewerly!

Ear Cuff tips:

  • Let the cuff be the statement. Pair them with small stud earrings or no earrings at all.
  • If you choose a more dramatic ear cuff, don’t wear a necklace that’s going to compete for its attention. Throw on some rings and/or bracelets instead.

Let me know what you think of this trend. Would you wear ear lobe cuff?the-trend-ear-cuffs-repossi_0 4925

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