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Three Ways to Tell Your Partner that You’re Pregnant

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by JR. Roberts

Finding out that you are pregnant is only the first step on an emotional journey. Hopefully, you are excited to hear the news and you will need to tell your partner that you are pregnant. So what is the best way to do it? Some people would prefer to use a skywriter to get the message across while others simply say “I’m pregnant.” There is plenty of middle ground and if you’re expecting, then maybe we have the right method for you.

There are spoons that you can buy for $15 dollars that have the words “We’re pregnant” and baby feet engraved on them. Slip that next to his soup and see if he notices. That is a simple way to share the biggest news that you can share in two words with the father of your child.

Give him a gift that is funny and baby related. He won’t see it coming and maybe the delivery will make him laugh. You could also make him a baby meal. Use baby corn, baby carrots and so on and see if he notices a pattern. Its quirky and cute and you are feeding him at the same time. Best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?

Maybe you don’t want to surprise him and you want to find out together. Some couples like sharing every experience so take the pregnancy test together. Then you and your partner can go through every stage together, sharing in everything so he doesn’t feel like he’s always catching up.  Helping your man to be connected to the pregnancy process facilitates his bonding with the child, which will likely make him a better and more consistent father.  It also makes you into a better mother, so be sure to allow him to feel included in the process.

By having fun and being creative, you can bring your child into the world in a cloud of joy.  Also, buying a parenting book or video that you can watch together might also be a great way to pass the hint.  It can also help you become better parents.  People have done this before, so you might as well learn from them.