Saudi Cleric Calls for Female Babies to be Fully Covered Including Face Veil

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baby burkaChild molestation is an issue all over the world, but in Saudi Arabia, cleric Sheikh Abdullah Daoud believes that he has the answer. He is now making parents dress their baby girls in burkas, a scarf that covers the entire face except for a small slit where the eyes can be seen.

This request has drawn fire from other Saudi Arabians stating that he is ruining the reputation of Islam by requiring babies to wear this headpiece. Others are calling it an injustice to the children that are required to wear them, saying it is sad to walk around the streets and see babies having to wear the burka.

Women in Saudi Arabia are forced to wear this headpiece as well so that they do not show of any skin in public. It is a piece of clothing that ensures that they are not attracting any attention while out in public. Some wonder why there is not outrage over this as well? It is understandable that they don’t want women parading around like some in the U.S. do, however forcing women to wear clothing that covers everything except their eyes seem just a little extreme to a lot of people.

Wearing the burkas appears to have some medical side effects as well, some that could be especially damaging to young children. While wearing all of this clothing, no Vitamin D from the sun is getting in. Vitamin D is essential to the body. These clothes are also heavy and limit vision, so the chance of tripping and falling causing injury is also possible.

In all honesty, how is a facial scarf going to protect someone from being molested? It could be argued that if someone is out to commit that crime, they will commit it whether they can see the person’s face or not. One piece of cloth does not seem like it will make a difference. The striking differences in cultures and religions is very apparent here.