Plus Size Fashions At London Fashion Week

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1358372708_9187_imageThe first ever “Official London Plus Size Fashion Weekend” brought designers, models and bloggers together in a loud and crowded venue in trendy East London, where they celebrated size and showed the world that big fashion also means big business.

Tall, long legged women strut down the catwalk in toweringly high heels, sporting neon bikinis, short skirts and tight dresses … and there’s nothing thin or waif-like about them. These models are big bosomed, wide hipped and proud to show their curves off to the world.

The event took place February 15th & 16th. There were international designers, speakers, models, and retailers joining forces to showcase their collections for plus-sized women, aiming to “enhance, educate, empower, and support. I say anything that inspires style beyond the confines of size zero has got to be a good thingThese women are just as beautiful as the size nothing models. My question is “what took them so long?”



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