Cecil Womack Dies

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womackAndWomackCecil Womack, brother of famed R&B great Bobby Womack dies today in South Africa. Womack was part of the famed group Womack and Womack. Cecil, 65  was married to Sam Cook’s daughter Linda. They moved to Africa in the 90s.  Cecil and Linda released a successful album, Love Wars, and continued to make albums until 1993. The duo continued to work with their seven children as The House of Zekkariyas, releasing   the album Sub Conscience in 2002.

Naturally Moi send condolences the the Womack family. WW-Nice2



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3 Responses to Cecil Womack Dies

  1. marcus davis

    b****y sucks that all then greats are dying out.

  2. Wasn’t he married to Mary Wells?
    Mary left him for another Womack brother?

  3. Wow. It’s like a death in the family for me because I am a huge SAM COOKE fan and the Womack brothers were a large part of the Sam Cooke story. I am saddened to hear of the lost of this taleneted musician who along with his wife craved out a place for themselves in music history. R.I.P Cecil Womack…

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