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Louis Farrakhan Meets with Mary J. Blige after Her Character Accused Him of Killing Malcolm X

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Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, met this week with Mary J. Blige to talk about her most recent film project, “Betty and Coretta.”  The minister expressed concern that during the film, the character played by Mary J. Blige reiterated several times that she believed Farrakhan was responsible for the death of her husband.

The meeting took place over lunch on Saturday, with Farrakhan meeting with both Mary and her husband.  Minister Farrakhan and his supporters feel that the script written for the film may have had the sinister motive of turning black public support against Farrakhan by linking him to the death of Malcolm X.  This dialogue opens the question of whether we should be concerned when people who aren’t black make films about important black historical events.

The readers from our website don’t generally have a favorable opinion of the film “Betty and Coretta.” Also, the daughters of both Dr. King and Malcolm X were disappointed in the way their mothers were portrayed.